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Saint David's wants to help you fill your freezer with restaurant quality food, while helping you save money and time.

No waiting in line

No limit shopping

Up to 20% off regular store purchase price

Orders will be accepted until Friday, April 19.


To order, simply click on the button below. 
All orders must be paid by Friday, April 19.   
Purchased items will be delivered on Monday, April 22.

All funds raised go to support

Saint David's United Church

Community Kitchen Renovation Project.

Beef Banner.png
Ground Chuck Burgers.jpg

30 x 4 oz

Ground Chuck Beef Patty


Ground Chuck Burgers.jpg

24 x 6 oz

Ground Chuck Beef Patty


Sirloin Steak AAA.jpg

24 x 8oz Sirloin Cap AAA

Steaks (frozen)



2 x 2.5kg Bags

All Beef 7" Hot Dogs

(approx 60 pcs)


5037002 - Meatballs.jpg

2 x 5lb Box

Beef Meatballs

(approx 160/case)


Chicken Banner.png
7831169 - Chicken Breast.png

4kg Box of 5oz

Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts 

(28 per box)


5015971 - Chicken Tenders.jpg

2 x 2kg Bags

Breaded Chicken Tenders

(approx 56 pcs)


4111557  - Chicken Wings.jpg

2 x 2kg Bags

Fully Cooked Naked Chicken Wings

(approx 105 pcs)


4838110 - Breaded Chicken Wings.jpg

2 x 2kg Bags

Fully Cooked Breaded Southern Chicken Wings

(approx 90 pcs)                                    $78
Pork Banner.png

5kg Box

Sliced Centre Cut Bacon

(approx 145 pcs)


breakfast sausage.jpg

5kg box of Breakfast
Pork Sausage (12/lb)


Pork chops.jpg

28 x 6oz

Pork Chop (Boneless Center Cut)


Seafood Banner.png

10lb Box

5oz Haddock Loins

(approx 32 pcs)



10lb Box
6oz Salmon Portions (skinless)

(approx 27 pcs)


0291351 - Scallops.jpg

5lb Box

Breaded Gourmet Scallops

(approx 125/box)


5056179 - Shrimp.jpg

2 x 2.5lb Bags
White Shrimp 16/20 count
(Peeled/Deveined/Tail Off)
(approx 45/bag)                                    $70

Appetizers Banner.png
Mozza Sticks.jpg

5kg Box

Breaded Mozzarella Sticks

(approx 72 pcs)


9601501 - Onion Rings.jpg

4kg Box

Battered Onion Rings

(approx 324/box)


Dessert Banner.png
Chocolate Lava Cakes2.jpg

Box of 40

Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes


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